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First Steps towards Therapy

If you decide to take the initial step of contacting me to enquire about therapy, I will take into account any information you provide, such as your reasons for seeking therapy, details of your current situation or your goals.  I will aim to provide further information that you may require, including the times I have available for your initial appointment.

We may also wish to ask one another a few questions in advance of arranging this your first session. For instance, it is a good idea to establish whether I have a regular space available at a time that you would be able to manage, should we decide to arrange a number of ongoing sessions.

Initial Appointment

Meeting face to face at your initial appointment would give us a chance to form an impression of whether you would feel comfortable talking to me and whether I am likely to be able to help. Generally, the initial appointment lasts 50 minutes, and if we decide to go ahead with subsequent sessions, these would also last 50 minutes.

Sessions are usually weekly, at the same time, although in certain instances this can be varied. We can agree to meet for a specific number of sessions, or have an open-ended agreement which we would review at certain stages. Whist our agreement can be flexible, I do ask that you honour the terms of my agreement with you

[Download agreement - pdf opens in new window].

Length of Treatment

We may agree to a fixed number of sessions, which will vary depending on your goals for therapy.  For an individual client, a typical agreement would be for between 8 and 12 weekly sessions. 

Alternatively, you may be interested in open-ended exploratory psychotherapy, which is also an option.  In this case, we would agree to review at regular intervals, so that we can share an understanding of the most helpful focus for your therapy.


My fee is comparable with other therapists in the area who have similar qualifications and chartered status.  If you would like to know more about fees or need further information to help you make a decision about therapy, you are welcome to contact me.