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Therapy for Eating Disorders

To move from the sense of being stuck with a painful and distressing relationship with food and your body, an important first step is an assessment with a qualified and experienced practitioner. This will enable both you and your therapist to reach a better shared understanding of the factors that are keeping your eating disorder going.  The assessment will cover your current eating patterns,as well as relevant aspects of your history, including relationships and experiences impacting on your thoughts and feelings about your body and food.

As with any psychological therapy, the relationship between therapist and client is a key ingredient and so it's important to find a good 'fit'.  If we agree to work together, it will be with a spirit of openness.  I approach this work with non-judgemental acceptance that your current difficulties have arisen for reasons that led you to make choices which made sense in the past, but which you now find to be no longer helpful or healthy.

In order to understand your patterns more clearly, we may use food diaries and to move towards positive changes, we will agree homework to enable you to practise more helpful patterns of thinking and behaving between sessions.