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Counselling Psychology

What is Counselling Psychology?

Counselling psychology is a recognised approach within the field of psychology which deals with a a wide range of mental health problems concerning life issues including:

  • anxiety
  • bereavement
  • depression
  • domestic violence
  • eating disorders
  • obsessions and compulsions
  • personality issues
  • relationship difficulties
  • sexual abuse
  • and trauma

A Counselling Psychologist integrates psychological theory and research with therapeutic practice.  To use the title of Counselling Psychologist, a practitioner completes a degree in Psychology, followed by post-graduate training, usually to doctoral level.  This level of training and experience enables the Psychologist to work with individuals, couples or groups to develop a thorough, shared understanding of their life-circumstances and living environment.  Based on this understanding, the goals for working together can be agreed.

By considering a person's complete environment and all related factors, a Counselling Psychologist will draw on a wide range of treatments and resources and work with the client to improve quality of life, for instance, by designing a healthy life "path" suited to the individual or couple.

You may have further questions about how Counselling Psychology may be helpful.  If so, you are welcome to contact me to discuss via email or telephone.