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EMDR  - (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing)

A recognised therapy for helping the brain process traumatic memories, EMDR is used not only for treating PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder), but also increasingly for depression, anxiety, addiction and phobias. Where childhood trauma has affected a person’s sense of self or relationship patterns, EMDR can be effectively used to alleviate distressing emotions and build a more positive set of beliefs about oneself, others and the world.

I am an EMDR Europe accredited practitioner and I offer this therapy either as a stand-alone treatment or as a component of an integrated treatment.  Before starting EMDR, I will ensure you have a thorough understanding of the process and rationale for using this approach to help you achieve your aims. There will be a preparation phase tailored to your situation, in which I will support you to develop ways to relax yourself, to build your sense of competence and to draw on support structures relevant to your needs.

At this stage, once you are comfortable to go forward, we would begin EMDR processing of memories that adversely affect your experience in the present, enabling you to feel more positive as experiences from the past take on a  benign and resolved form.